MHS Athletic Booster Club Board of Directors

President: Ferdie Centeno

Vice President: open

Treasurer: Irma Gonzales

Secretary: Grace Lu


Concession Coordinator (s): (TBD)
Membership Coordinator: (TBD)
Communications Coordinator: (TBD)
Volunteer Coordinator: (TBD)
Trojan Wear Coordinator: (TBD)
Parent Sport Representative (s): (TBD)


If you're a member of the Booster Club and interested in volunteering to be a coordinator or representative please reach out to Joanna Butcher for more details.

About Us

Did you know that Milpitas High School has an Athletic Booster Club?

MHS Athletic Booster Club is an organization of Milpitas High School that fundraises for the benefit of over 40 Athletic Teams & over 700 Student Athletes.

Why is the Athletic Booster Club SO Important?

The goal of the Athletic Booster Club is to provide supplemental funds to cover the shortfall for various athletic needs and activities at MHS, which is offered to all students. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated. We are asking you to join us as a member to assist our Athletic Department in keeping our Booster program active for our young athletes. Supporting our Trojan Athletes to succeed is our number one priority.

Meeting dates & times for 23-24 School Year

Board Meetings: MHS P-12 6pm
T, 09/05/23 completed
M, 10/02/23
M, 11/06/23
M, 12/04/23
T, 01/02/24
M, 02/05/24
M, 03/04/24
M, 04/01/24
M, 05/06/24
M, 06/03/24

General Membership Meetings: Virtual/MHS P-5 6pm
M, 09/11/23 completed
M, 10/09/23
T, 11/14/23
M, 12/11/23
M, 01/08/24
M, 02/12/24
M, 03/11/24
M, 04/08/24
M, 05/13/24
M, 06/10/24

23-24 Booster Club Membership

Please go to the links tab under resources. Click on the link 23-24 Booster Membership Form